Static LED Markings & Signs

von | Mrz 21, 2023

Many work areas do not require dynamic markings, so static outputs that are projected using LED technology can be used here. The same advantages of lighting technology over conventional floor markings also apply here: No wear and tear from dirt, friction, weather or even extreme temperatures of down to -25 degrees Celsius.

LED technology is both significantly cheaper and much easier to handle than laser technology. Safety-related restrictions to which laser technology is subject are not an issue here!

Our LED projectors for floor markings can be operated 24/7 for up to 4 years at a time (realistic – not peak) before the performance of the LED panel in the projector decreases. The running costs are also very manageable, since the LED panel of the projector can be changed individually after the end of the term. Our LED line and area projectors are also “maintenance-free”, as they are passively cooled and therefore do not require any moving parts. Last but not least, our projectors are IP65 protected so that moisture and dust cannot affect the electronics.


In the following example, two yellow marking lines are generated on the ground using LED line projectors and a striped area (zebra crossing) using an LED area projector.

statische-LED-Bodenmarkierungen Test12


We basically distinguish between 2 types of projectors.


Our line projectors project lines with a color of your choice on any type of background. Depending on the projection lens used, our projector creates a line on the floor that is up to twice as long as the distance from the projector to the floor. Line projectors are available with 80W and 150W output power, with 80W being used by over 90% of our customers.


Our surface projectors project any type of output, no matter what you want to project . The size of the output depends on the installation height as well as on the lens we use. Warning and information signs are common issues, but also pallet spaces or zebra crossings. Finally, you determine the output, which is then (if not already available) created by our graphic designers and milled on our optics. The required projector performance depends on the ambient brightness, the ground conditions, the desired output size and the output color – which is why we offer a total of 5 performance classes. More on the surface projectors below.


While yellow is the most common color for lines and walkways in logistics halls…

Statische gelbe Bodenmarkierung vor Produktionslinie
Projection of a yellow sidewalk in the middle of a hall.


green is the most visible color to the eye, which is always very visible even in high ambient light and on almost all types of floors . This becomes very clear in the following picture when we did a test at the customer’s site in a very brightly lit hall. The output from both projectors is quite an impressively long line – seamless!

Grüne LED Bodenmarkierung in Lagerhalle

The following is the “underground” use of our 80W line projector, outputting a blue dividing line. Although the projector is hung directly in a row with very bright LED lamps, the line can still be seen well even on poor ground conditions.



Our line projectors are available in the colors green, yellow, red, blue and white, although any other color can be used on special request. In the picture below you can see 80W output power – our standard. Yellow with 150W power on the far left.

Statische LED Markierungslinien unterschiedlicher Farben

Our line projectors are easy to use and work in any type of hall and on any type of floor. Feel free to contact us for more information.


A area projector, as the name implies, can project an area of predetermined size and any type of output on the floor. After the output has been determined, usually by a graphic (image), the optics are milled appropriately and then inserted into the projector. Put simply: Whether you want to issue a warning sign, your company logo, or whatever – everything is possible!

Of course we have tested our projections on different floors, under different lighting conditions and with different outputs. See the following pictures. Since every customer has different installation environments, can freely choose the type of output, size and color, we recommend a demonstration at your site in most cases. Judge with your own eyes, at the location you want, on your terms, which projector performance meets your requirements.


As already mentioned – in addition to standard outputs such as warning and information signs, our surface projector can output exactly whatever you think of.


Our projectors can be controlled simply via switches, but also via your own CAN BUS system. All LED floor markings can be monitored using light barriers, radar or infrared motion detectors. An optical warning can be output via a separate control module (e.g. flashing of the projection).


Current Notes:

Due to the high workload of our company, we are currently only processing new customers who are interested in static LED line projectors.


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Comparison of well-preserved, conventional floor markings with a modern, “projected” LED marking.


Comparison of worn, conventional floor markings with a modern, “projected” LED marking.

Abgenutzte Farblinie neben projizierter LED Linie

Example of projected information signs.

Kurzdistanz-Flächenprojektion-mit wenig-Leistung

Green and yellow line projection in direct comparison:


The lines of two projectors merge seamlessly.


Outdoor installation of LED floor markings – IP65


Flaps for line trimming


Installation of red LED floor markings


Output on sand bottom

schwierige Bodenverhältnisse Sandboden

Example for dark lighting conditions.


Bright light example.


Be careful forklift truck on tar floor:


Stop sign with only 60W:


Heat warning with red frame!