Static LED Markings & Signs

von | Okt 21, 2023

Most workspaces do not require dynamic markings, so static outputs projected using LED technology can be used here. The same advantages of lighting technology compared to conventional floor markings also apply here: no wear and tear caused by dirt, friction, weather or even extreme temperatures of up to -30 degrees Celsius.

LED technology is both significantly cheaper and much easier to use than laser technology. Safety-relevant topics, such as the use of laser technology, are not an issue here!

Our LED projectors for floor markings can be operated 24/7 for up to 4 years at a time (realistic – not peak) before the performance of the LED panel in the projector decreases. The running costs are also very manageable, as the projector’s LED panel can be easily changed individually at the end of the term. Since our projectors are passively cooled and therefore do not require moving fans, they do not require any special maintenance. Last but not least, the IP65 protection prevents moisture or dust from having a negative impact on the electronics.


In the following example you see 2 different types of projection – an LED line projector (projects the green line) and an LED area projector (projects the “caution forklift” symbol).

L-TEC 80 Linie & S-TEC 90 Vorsicht Stapler


We basically differentiate between 2 types of projectors.


Our line projectors project a marking line in the color and length you require onto any type of surface. Depending on the projection lens used, the projector creates a line on the floor that is up to twice as long as the distance from the projector to the floor. Line projectors are available with 80W and 150W output power, with 80W power being used by over 80% of our customers.


Our area projectors project any type of output, no matter what you want projected , within a radius, down to the floor, or against a wall. The size of the output depends on the installation height and on the lens we use. Warning and information signs are common issues, but also pallet parking spaces or zebra crossings. The required projector performance depends on the ambient brightness, the floor condition, the desired output size and the output color – which is why we offer a total of 5 performance classes. More about the surface projectors below.


While yellow is the most common color for marking lines and walkways in logistics halls…

Statische gelbe Bodenmarkierung vor Produktionslinie


… is green the most visible color to the eye, which is always clearly visible even in high ambient brightness and on almost all types of floors. This becomes very clear in the following picture, when we installed 2 line projectors in a row at the customer’s in a very brightly lit hall. The output from both projectors results in a pretty impressively long line – seamless!

Grüne LED Bodenmarkierung in Lagerhalle

In the following you can see the “underground” use of our 80W line projector, which outputs a blue dividing line. Although the projector is hung directly in a row with very bright LED lamps, the line can still be clearly seen even in poor ground conditions. We deliberately show you issues under difficult conditions, even if that is not usually the case.


The conditions for the red dividing line are almost optimal here.



The handling and installation of line projectors is simple and uncomplicated. They work in every type of hall and on every floor condition. Please feel free to contact us to get further information.


An area projector can, as the name implies, display an area of a predetermined size and any type of output on the floor or on a wall . After the output has been determined, usually through a graphic (image), the optics are milled accordingly and inserted into the projector by us. Simply put: Whether you want to issue a warning sign, your company logo, or whatever your desire is – everything is possible! You can see some examples here. The maximum possible output size depends on the respective installation height.

In view of the fact that “all customers” have different installation environments, it goes without saying
Each time, relevant information is exchanged so that every customer can receive professional advice and service. At this point it should be said that we only offer projectors for sale if the customer ultimately receives the output in a way that meets his requirements.

In the research hall of the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund, where our laser technology is also installed, we tested our projections on different floors under various lighting conditions and with different powers.


As already mentioned – in addition to standard output such as warning and information signs, our area projector can output exactly whatever you come up with.


Our projectors can be controlled simply via switches, but also via your own CAN BUS system. All LED floor markings can be monitored using light barriers, radar or infrared motion detectors. A separate control module can be used to output a visual warning (e.g. flashing of the projection). Last but not least, you can also control the projectors in a modern environment via Internet/Wifi.

Here is an example of a modern, intelligent sensor control that can differentiate between people and vehicles if desired. Whether you use it to control a goal, our projectors, or both is up to you.


Current information:

Due to the very high workload of our company and to protect the product of our projectors, we do not accept customers who are interested in individual projectors.


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2 line and one area projectors in use.

statische-LED-Bodenmarkierungen Test12
Statische LED Markierungslinien unterschiedlicher Farben

Comparison of well-preserved, conventional floor markings with a modern, “projected” LED marking.


Comparison of yellow, worn, conventional floor markings with a modern, “projected” LED marking.

Abgenutzte Farblinie neben projizierter LED Linie

Green and yellow line projection in direct comparison:


The lines of two projectors merge seamlessly.


Outdoor Installation of LED floor markings – IP65


Flaps for line shortening


Installation of red LED floor markings


Example of dark lighting conditions.


Example of bright lighting conditions.


Example of projected information signs.

Kurzdistanz-Flächenprojektion-mit wenig-Leistung

“Be careful with forklifts” on tar ground:


Projected stop sign with only 60W output power:


Issue on sandy soil

Projektion auf Sandboden

Red heat warnings!


All of our projectors can be controlled via intelligent sensors.

linien-und-flächenprojektoren-bei viel-umgebungslicht

Dear Clients.

Important preliminary information!

Due to the high workload of our company, we are currently only accepting new customers who are interested in static LED floor markings.

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