Our Questions

von | Feb 6, 2024

After your first contact, we generally ask a few questions to better understand your wishes, requirements and installation environment. This is the only way we can provide you with professional advice and service. The questions are:


  • At what height will the projectors be installed in your hall?

  • What are the maximum temperatures at the installation points of the projectors?

  • What type of dust is generated in the hall or is carried through the hall?

  • Can you provide information about the ambient light on the hall floor? (LUX)

  • Which colors (for floor markings) do you want/need to use on your hall floor? (red, green, yellow, blue, white)

  • Do you want to control the projectors using their own sensors (light barriers/radar/infrared/etc.) independently of the on/off switch?

  • How many meters of static lines, or how many signs (approximately), should there be in a first step?

  • Where is the hall where you might want to install the projectors?


You are welcome to provide your own information if it seems important to you.
Pictures can be of great advantage in order to be able to better assess your installation environment (floor conditions, ambient brightness)!

After answering the questions and deciding whether and how our new technology can be used for you, you will then be provided with further information. Among other things, you will receive separate information about our projectors as well as current price lists.

Once all information has been exchanged, we will discuss possible next steps by phone.

Important information for interested parties


Due to the very high workload of our company and to protect the product of our projectors, we do not accept customers who are interested in individual projectors. In exceptional cases this can be overridden.